100 years KLuG health insurance.

When a health insurance company has been in business for 100 years, it is clear that it can look back on an eventful history. Not only the branch itself, the economy, the country, indeed the whole world has changed.

In 1918, when KLuG was founded as the company health insurance fund of Landis & Gyr AG, many households in Switzerland were still without electricity. Women’s suffrage lay in the distant future and shortages after the first World War had led to unemployment and poverty. And now,100 years later, we have digital networks and are testing intelligent, self-driving cars. In 1918, there were over 800 health insurance companies, in 1990 there were only 246, today a mere 54 and KLuG is one of them.

During these 100 years, KLuG was confronted with the Spanish flu, polio and tuberculosis and mastered the transition from company health insurance scheme to public health insurance company. It successfully positioned itself as a small, high-quality health insurance company offering excellent advisory services and good cover. A sound basis for the next chapter in this success story.

Federal Office of Social Security Certificate of Recognition dated 1918
Landis & Gyr AG employees in the 1920s
View of the Landis & Gyr AG stamping workshop in the 1920s
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