Legal notice

General Notification

Provided there is a possibility to submit personal or business data within the internet offer, the user voluntarily and explicitly agrees to relinquish the above mentioned data. KLuG is committed to treat personal data in strict confidence and not to render it accessible to third parties. The use of contact information published as part of the site notice or similar statements such as postal addresses, telephone- and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, by third parties for the purpose of transmission of information which is not explicitly requested, is not permitted.

Legal measures against the sender of so-called spam e-mails upon violation of the above mentioned prohibition are explicitly reserved. 

Legal effect of liability disclaimer

The present liability disclaimer is to be considered a part of the internet offer from which you have been redirected. Should the parts or specific wording of the present text not conform anymore or thoroughly to the applicable legal status, the remaining parts of the document in its subject matter and validity remain unaffected.

Sphere of privacy

Protection of your personal privacy is of our great concern. KLuG Healthcare insurance collects, processes, stores and protects personal data of the people accessing the website only if it is required for the functioning of this website and communication activities related to it.

Legal foundation

The fundament for the existing data protection has its grounds in the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG).

Person responsible

The person responsible for the processing of the data on the present website is: 

KLuG Healthcare insurance
Data protection representative
Gubelstrasse 22
6300 Zug
Tel. 041 724 64 00
Fax 041 724 64 01

Person responsible is a natural or juridical person who, alone or together with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data (e.g. names, e-mail addresses or the like).

Use of information

A visit to KLuG’s website is basically possible without the need to reveal any personal data. Non-personal usage data such as IP-addresses, used browsers, dates, time etc. will be evaluated without conclusions drawn with reference to the user. Personal data will be collected and processed strictly in accordance with respective laws and regulations, as well as, fundamentally upon your explicit consent.

Cookies tracking and other technologies in relation to the use of our website 

Every now and then we implement Google Analytics or a similar service on our websites. It is a service of third parties which may be located in any country in the world (in case of Google Analytics it is Google LLC in the USA,, with the help of which we can measure and evaluate the use of the website (not personalized). 

For this purpose, Cookies placed by the service provider will also be used on a permanent basis. The service provider neither obtains personal data from us nor stores any IP-addresses, may however track the use of the website, and combine such information with data from other websites that you have visited and the service provider has likewise tracked. This knowledge may be thereafter used by the service provider for other purposes (e.g. control of advertisement). So far as you have registered by the service provider yourself, they know you as well. The processing of your personal data by the service provider takes place on that service provider’s responsibility as per their data protection terms. The service provider shares with us solely how our respective website is used (no personal information about the user is given).

KLuG has activated IP-anonymization in Google Analytics.

Furthermore, we implement so-called Facebook plug-ins on our websites. Such implementation will be always evident for you (typically due to corresponding icons). The above mentioned elements have been configured in a way to remain deactivated by default. Once plug-ins are activated (by clicking on), the operators of respective social networks can record your presence and whereabouts on our websites and use this information to serve their purposes. The processing of your personal data takes then place on the respective operator’s responsibility as per their data protection terms. The operator reveals no information about the user to us.

No sharing of personal data

Your personal data will be neither sold nor shared with third parties outside KLuG Healthcare insurance.

Contact opportunities on the website

In case you get in contact with KLuG through our website the personal data passed on from you will be automatically stored. These voluntarily transmitted data will be stored for the purpose of processing or making contact with you. None of the personal data will be forwarded to third parties.

SSL- or TLS-encoding

For security reasons and for the protection of transmission of confidential contents such as, for example, orders or inquiries sent to us as the website operator, the present site makes use of SSL- or TLS-encoding. An encoded connection may be recognized when the address bar of your browser changes from “http://” to “https://” and when a padlock symbol appears in your browser line.
Once the SSL- or TLS-encoding has been activated, all the data that you have passed on to us cannot be read by third parties. For that matter, we take appropriate technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your data against accidental or deliberate manipulation, partial or complete loss or damage, or else against unauthorized access by third parties. Our safety measures are continuously being improved to comply with technological development. 

Inquiry, blocking, cancellation

Within the framework of the applicable legal regulations you have the right to voluntarily inquire about your stored personal data, its source, recipients, purpose of data processing and,  if need be, the right to amend, block, or cancel that data at all times.

To that end, as well as with reference to other inquiries regarding personal data you can contact us at any time at the address given in the site notice.

Data protection legal responsibility on the linked sites

We are exclusively responsible for the websites published on the domain We do not hold any responsibility for the sites of other providers which may be linked to our website.

Zug, 25. June 2018