BASIS is a mandatory health insurance that allows you to choose your own doctor.

With the standard model of mandatory health insurance you have unrestricted access to the doctors of your choice. You get to decide each time who you would like to have treat you.

Out-patient treatment by doctors certified nationwide, chiropractors and medical support staff nurses, physiotherapists etc.), if prescribed by a doctor / full coverage at the place of residence or work.

Emergency and illness while abroad, you will receive the respective social tariff schedule in the EU/EFTA country. In all other countries, we will cover a maximum of twice the amount insured in Switzerland.

Spa treatments prescribed by a doctor in a recognised spa/ medical treatments, drugs and therapies according to the rate of place of residence of CHF 10.– per day, up to 21 days per year for accommodation expenses.

When prescribed by a doctor, nursing care at home, in accordance with cantonal home care(Spitex) contracts.

In accordance with regulations concerning aids and materials

Statutory mandatory benefits in accordance with KLV

You receive the costs of medically prescribed medication on the specialities list.

If several pharmaceuticals are listed with the same combination of active ingredients, theexcess can amount to 20%.

Specialities list (SL)

Stay, doctor and therapy costs according to the rate / contribution to nursing costs in accordance with nursing home fees

Statutory mandatory benefits

Stay and treatment in an acute care hospital / full coverage on the general ward of the acute care hospital in the canton of residence (in accordance with the hospital list)

180.- per year until the age of 18 

Medically necessary emergency transport / rescue / 50%, up to CHF 500.– per year for transport costs / 50%, up to CHF 5'000.– per year for rescue and recovery costs

Damage to teeth caused by an accident / full coverage
Severe disease of the masticatory system / full coverage

Annual deductibles premium reduction


AdultsAnnual deductible of your choicePremium discount
 CHF 500.-
CHF 1'000.-
CHF 1'500.-
CHF 2'000.-
CHF 2'500.-
bis 35%


ChildrenAnnual deductible of your choicePremium discount
 CHF 500.-
CHF 600.-
bis 35%

Accident exclusion
 up to 7 % of premium reduction

Legally binding information