Your advantages

The new service for semi-privately or privately insured persons

What is Fast Track?

If you need to see an eye specialist, orthopaedic or another specialist you sometimes have to wait months for an appointment. This can be a burden. The new Fast Track service shortens waiting times and gives you rapid access to an initial consultation with a consultant in a specialist partner clinic of KLuG.

Why Fast Track?

You no longer have to put up with long waiting times for initial consultations with a specialist. We will arrange an appointment for you within five working days.

This is what you do

If you are semi-privately insured (HOSPITAL Semi-Private, HOSPITAL PLUS, HOSPITAL PLUS BONUS, HOSPITAL PLUS CLASSICA) or privately insured (HOSPITAL Private, HOSPITAL COMFORT, HOSPITAL COMFORT BONUS, HOSPITAL COMFORT CLASSICA) you can benefit from the Fast Track service. Just give KLuG a call. We will put you in contact with a specialist.