Medi 24

All customers with basic insurance from KLuG can consult a doctor free of charge using the services of the Swiss centre for telemedicine, Medi 24, either over the phone or on-line.

Please note that the consultation over the phone is only available in Switzerland. If you are abroad please call the KLuG emergency number on your insurance card.

Our services

  • Free medical advice
  • Inexpensive phone calls (you only pay for the first call at the local rate of your telephone provider. A doctor will call you back for the consultation.)
  • Consultation is recorded for your safety (medical confidentiality is binding for all Medi 24 employees; data protection regulations are strictly adhered to.)
  • You can choose advice over the Internet (not suitable for acute symptoms)

This is what you do

  1. Call Medi 24.
  2. Give them your personal details, your insurance number, your symptoms and a callback number and arrange a callback appointment. Tip: write down in advance what your problem is. In urgent cases you will be put through to the doctor straight away.
  3. To help assess skin and eye complaints you can send a digital image by e-mail on request.
  4. A doctor will call you back and discuss treatment with you: you treat yourself, you consult a doctor in person or are hospitalised. For certain illnesses the doctor can write you a prescription or refer you to a pharmacy near you. In an emergency, Medgate will alert the emergency services for you.
  5. With certain illnesses the doctor will ask you how you feel again a few days later in a second phone call.


Contact: 041 724 64 09