Optical aids

Almost everyone needs glasses or contact lenses sooner or later.

The compulsory health insurance will pay an amount up to CHF 180.– per year towards lenses for glasses and contact lenses for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 (if prescribed by an ophthalmologist).

In the case of serious visual impairment or certain illnesses, for example illness related refraction anomalies, post-surgical adjustments or corneal disease, the compulsory health insurance will cover, regardless of the age of the insured, a higher amount towards lenses for glasses and contact lenses. Further information can be provided by your health insurance or your ophthalmologist. Like the other benefits provided by your health insurance, the patient is required to pay a contribution towards the cost of lenses for glasses and contact lenses.

KLuG provides the following services for eyeglass- and contact lenses: 

TOP90%, max. CHF 150.– per year
COMPLETA90%, max. CHF 300.– per year