Worldwide dental treatments, dental hygiene, braces, check-ups, etc.

DENTAplus dental cover protects you from the generally very high costs of orthodontic treatment (e.g. braces) and illness-induced damage to your teeth. In addition, it gives you allowances towards preventive treatment such as dental hygiene and check-ups by the Dentist.

The flexible dental insurance for every need. Thus, teeth only grow back once.

Dental insurance DENTAplus
The DENTAplus dental insurance provides benefits for the usually very high costs of dental treatments due to illness – including dental prophylactics (dental hygiene), orthodontics and oral surgery.

financial security in case of dental damage
ideal for dental prophylactics assistance
outstanding price/performance Ratio
worldwide coverage

Recommended for
The whole family, as individual coverage is available for every need.

Benefits in details

Damage to teeth usually makes a big hole in the household budget. DENTAplus effectively protects you from this.

Even substantial amounts for very cost-intensive treatments such as orthodontics and oral surgery are paid for by DENTAplus.

DENTAplus impresses with an excellent price/performance ratio and grants exceptionally attractive family discounts: 5% starting from 2 persons, 10% - from 3 persons.

DENTAplus is of benefit when it comes to the costs of dental treatment due to illness– including dental prophylactics (such as dental check-ups and dental hygiene).

DENTAplus is valid all over the world. Treatment abroad is covered if carried out by well-qualified medical personnel and provided that the costs are no higher than they would be in Switzerland.

All DENTAplus variants for children up to the age of 3 do not require a health check.

The DENTAplus Light insurance can be arranged easily and directly by an adult without a health check or the dentist's attestation.

The DENTAplus variants

Undertaking of 75% of costs, up to CHF 300.– per calendar year. Without health check. Ideal for people looking for basic coverage.

Undertaking of 50% of costs, up to CHF 1'000.– per calendar year.

Undertaking of 75% of costs, up to CHF 2'000.– per calendar year.

Undertaking of 75% of costs, up to CHF 3'000.– per calendar year. Ideal for risk-aware adults between the ages of 45 and 65.

Undertaking of 50% of costs, up to CHF 1'000.– up to CHF 2'000.– for dental costs, for the part that exceeds CHF 2'000.–, 80% of costs, unlimited per calendar year. Ideal for risk-aware adults to specifically cover preventive dentistry and major damage. 

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