Guest insurance

Insurance cover for family and friends from abroad who are staying for a long visit. This insurance can be taken out without a health check.

Coverage upon illness or accident for guests from abroad. Insured services include medicaments, doctor’s visits, and hospital stays (on general ward), as well as medically accompanied emergency transport to the place of residence abroad and body repatriation to the last place of residence in the case of death.

  • The maximum duration of insurance per stay amounts to 6 months.
  • The maximum eligible age limit is of 80.
  • Services not covered by the insurance comprise, among others, preexisting afflictions, pregnancy/birth, mental disorders, dental- and maxillary ailments, as well as aircraft accidents.

Treatment costs in case of accident and illness

The following treatment costs in case of accident and illness are covered up to the amount of the agreed insurance sum (minus excess):

  • Medically necessary doctor and medicine costs
  • Hospital stay (incl. meals)
  • Rescue and transport costs up to 10% of amount insured


SOS cover

  • Extra costs if you need to return home immediately
  • Emergency transport by ambulance or air ambulance 
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Costs of repatriating a deceased person


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