With VIVANTE Long-Term Care Insurance, you are paid an amount of your choice every day for as long as you need care. You are completely free to use the daily benefit you receive for any purpose.
  • Freely available daily allowance in the event that long-term care is required
  • Entry-age premium (premium level remains the same throughout the entire term of the insurance)
  • No waiting period

Insured benefits

With VIVANTE Long-Term Care Insurance, you receive the following benefits in addition to those covered by basic insurance:

You qualify as having a need for care if, due to illness or accident, you require a substantial level of third-party assistance for at least six months. This applies to the following everyday activities: 

- Eating
- Washing and dressing
- Using the toilet
- Standing up and walking
- Walking up stairs

The level of care needed is determined by an independent expert according to a standardised process (Barthel Index). Four levels are possible: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. You will receive 25% of the daily benefit from 25 points.

You are entirely free to use the daily benefit you receive as you see fit;there is no obligation to show how you spend it. For example, you can use it for household help or to cover the uncovered accommodation costs (room and board) in a nursing home. If you have a proven need for long-term care for at least six months, you will receive between CHF 40 and CHF 180 (with 100% need for care), depending on the amount of the daily benefit you have chosen.

An initial waiting period of three years applies to VIVANTE insurance in the event of illness. That means you cannot claim benefits until the fourth insurance year. The same applies for occupational illnesses.

What does basic insurance cover?
Basic insurance only covers a portion of care costs. It does not contribute at all to the costs of accommodation and meals in a nursing home. Patients needing care must pay the uncovered costs themselves.