You benefit from the advantages of supplementary hospital insurance during outpatient procedures.

PRIMEO supplementary insurance gives you a free choice of doctor and maximum comfort and privacy at our partner clinics in the case of outpatient treatment (e.g. minor operations) too. In addition, you enjoy many valuable supplementary benefits on top of your basic cover.


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In the event of out-patient treatment (e.g. surgeries), patients have the possibility of a free choice of their treating doctor from the list of specialist physicians (senior physicians, head physicians and professors) at the respective KLuG's partner clinic.

Including direct access to the specialist, separate waiting area, catering for patients and their companions, free Internet access (WLAN) and reading materials, separate recovery area after intervention (single- or double bedroom with TV, radio and phone; subject to availability), free parking or taxi ride home and luggage service, etc.

Possibility of an overnight stay with half board (evening meal and breakfast) in the hospital or partner hotel, immediately before and/or after out-patient treatment (e.g. a minor intervention/surgery) where an overnight stay in hospital is not required from a medical perspective.

Contribution to the cost of check-ups to prevent illnesses, in the form of consecutive and constructive check-up packages within themes like exercise, sport, nutrition and stress relief as well as additional packages for ECG and ultrasound.

Contribution to the costs of more modern or higher quality implants in connection with an executed out-Patient.

The right to appropriate innovative forms of diagnosis and treatment as well as the right, after respective evaluation, to methods that are not recognised in Switzerland and are therefore not reimbursed within the basic insurance policy.

Adoption of an amount exceeding the rates stipulated for the basic insurance for medically prescribed aids, such as a third pair of compression stockings, etc.

Reimbursement of transport costs for travel to and from a recurrent out-patient treatment, for example for public transport (train, bus and tram, etc.) or fuel costs reimbursed to a neighbour who has driven you to your physiotherapy appointments.

Reimbursement of fee-based medical consultation services such as the advice hotline of the children's hospital or an online consultation with one of our partner clinics.

Out-patient interventions along with all specified additional benefits will be reimbursed also abroad after a confirmation of costs reimbursement within the same scope as outlined above has been obtained.

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