With the TOP supplementary health insurance, you can insure important outpatient services in Switzerland and abroad at a favorable premium rate.

TOP supplementary healthcare insurance provides important outpatient benefits in Switzerland and abroad at a reasonable price, with benefits that are really needed by many people of all ages but which are covered only partially, if at all, by basic insurance.

Full coverage of emergency cases during 12 months, worldwide legal protection abroad, legal and court costs up to CHF 250'000.– in Europe / up to CHF 50'000.– outside of Europe.

90%, up to CHF 150.– per year (after deducting benefits in line with the Federal Act on Health Insurance).

90%, up to CHF 1'000.– per year, if prescribed by a doctor, in accordance with the list aids and materials.

90% of medicines not covered by mandatory health insurance (Swissmedic-recognised medicines). There is no entitlement to get reimbursement for medicines on the list of pharmaceutical products for special application (LPPA) or on its supplement.

75%, up to CHF 3'000.– per year for therapists recognised by KLuG.

Up to CHF 250'000.– per year.

Rescue, transport, repatriation: unlimited, anywhere abroad.

Medically necessary emergency transport, rescues, up to CHF 20'000.– per year in Switzerland (from 1 Jan 2009 up to CHF 100'000.– per year) / search worldwide up to CHF 20'000.–.

Teeth misalignment up to the age of 20, 75% of costs, up to CHF 10'000.– per year.

In accordance with the list of special forms of treatment. 75%, up to CHF 3'000.– per year.

10% of premium reduction