Many things in your life change when you're pregnant. Your emotions and your body start to change.

If it's your first pregnancy, you will have a lot of thoughts and questions on your mind.

Prenatal testing is not without a risk. Your gynaecologist can advise you on this. Should such test seem sensible your doctor can arrange for it.

Your midwife accompanies and supports you during pregnancy, birth and the immediate postnatal period, while breastfeeding, either at home, in a birthing centre or a hospital. She furthermore does check-ups, often provides prenatal courses and postnatal recovery gymnastics, conducts the birth and gives you support during your first days at home after the birth.

You are free to choose how you wish to give birth:

home birth
out-patient birth in a birthing centre or hospital
in-patient birth in a birthing centre or hospital

View various possibilities beforehand and decide where you will feel most comfortable. If you experience complications during pregnancy, the right support for you and your baby is the top priority.

It is an exciting period, after giving birth, when you finally have a chance to get to know your baby. Enjoy this beautiful and precious time. Did you know that you can register your baby even before its birth? Take a look at our brochure (Baby Package).


Complete protection for your newborn.

Your advantages:
Which benefits does the baby package comprise? Baby-Package is our offer of a reassuring complete protection of your newborn. Apart from the mandatory healthcare insurance it comprises other supplementary insurances:      

  • TOP (tooth misalignment correction, coverage abroad, etc.)
  • SANA (complementary medicine, prevention, etc.)
  • HOSPITAL ECO (hospital stay all around Switzerland, KidsCare, etc.)
  • UTI / KTI (Coverage of financial consequences of invalidity or death)
  • DENTAplus Bronze (dental hygiene, orthodontics, maxillary surgery)

Register your baby at KLuG before its birth. In this way you guarantee your child a possibility to benefit from all supplementary insurances associated with the Baby Package and to use a wide range of free coverage for months or even years!