Financial hardship

Due to a change in life circumstances, one can suddenly find oneself in a financial bottleneck. There is no reason to be ashamed of this. In most cases, a reasonable solution can be found together.

In Switzerland, people with modest financial means are supported in paying their health insurance premiums. This is regulated by the premium reduction. The canton is responsible for the premium reduction. The criteria for entitlement are income and number of children. In many cantons, you will be informed directly by the administration if you are eligible. Your entitlement is determined annually through your tax assessment. In some cantons, however, it is also compulsory to apply. You are therefore only entitled if you take action yourself and apply for the reduction annually.

You would like to apply for a premium reduction?

Here you can find the office responsible for your canton of residence.


If all else fails, a repayment plan can also help to bridge a bottleneck. In this case, contact our customer advisory service in good time so that we can find a sensible solution together.

You may be entitled to family allowances. You can find the information here.

Family benefits

If you are an AHV or IV recipient and your income does not cover the minimum living costs, you are entitled to supplementary benefits. 


According to the Federal Constitution, people living in Switzerland are entitled to assistance in emergency situations. In these cases, contact the social welfare office in your place of residence.