Hospital stay 

Suddenly in hospital - what to bear in mind

The basic insurance (BASIS) includes the statutory benefits. It covers basic needs in case of illness, accident and maternity. The cantons draw up hospital lists. These lists include all the listed hospitals that provide basic care. You can also choose a hospital outside your canton of residence. However, if the costs for treatment outside the canton are only covered up to the amount that would be reimbursed in the canton of residence, additional costs may be incurred. Please contact us to find out which services we will reimburse you for.

If you have taken out supplementary hospital insurance in addition to BASIS, you have greater freedom of choice when staying in hospital. Depending on the supplementary hospital insurance, you decide in which Swiss hospital and by which doctor you would like to be cared for and which room (single or twin bed) you would like to use.

Check with us ahead of time exactly what insurance cover you have taken out. You will find information on this on your policy.

If you are planning to stay in hospital as an inpatient, you will usually fill out a registration form from the hospital, which will also ask you about your insurance cover (general, semi-private or private ward). Based on your registration, KLuG will receive a written request for a cost guarantee from the hospital, which we will answer according to your insurance coverage. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance cover. Please contact your advisor.

There are also costs that are not covered by the basic insurance. Non-mandatory benefits include, for example, operations that are not mentioned in the health insurance conditions, or special treatments, telephone calls, visits to the hairdresser and other personal expenses.

You should have this ready when you enter the hospital. The card contains the most important administrative data that the hospital needs for your admission and billing.

KLuG receives the bill directly from the hospital. You must cover the following costs from your basic insurance:

  • Your personally chosen annual deductible ( from CHF 300.00 to max. CHF 2,500.00)
  • 10 % deductible, max. CHF 700.00 per year
  • A contribution to hospital costs of CHF 15.00 per day

According to the law, every hospital must guarantee initial treatment in the event of an emergency. If there is no service mandate, the hospitals are obliged to carry out a transfer to a hospital responsible for this as soon as the patient's state of health permits.

If a transfer is medically necessary, the hospital arranging the transfer will bear the costs of 
the transport. If the transfer is at your request, you must bear the costs yourself.

The costs for a referral or rescue transport are partly covered by the basic insurance and, if available, by the supplementary insurance. If you do not have supplementary insurance, uncovered costs may arise. You must bear these.