Pay bills

Make your life easier by using electronic payments.

Payment methods

Are you always annoyed by all the paper in your letterbox and the tedious recording of payments in e-banking? With e-bills you can conveniently avoid this problem and even help to save administrative costs. If you sign up for e-bills, you can receive bills directly electronically in future and no longer need a paper bill.


  • Simple 
    Paying an e-bill is as easy as a mouse click. After logging into e-banking, you can see at a glance when new e-bills have arrived. You read the bill, check it and trigger the payment with a single mouse click in your e-banking.
  • Convenient 
    An e-bill is more convenient than a paper bill. No need to go to the letterbox, no paper payment slips, no missed payment deadlines: You make your payments around the clock on a computer with an Internet connection. There is no need to type the payment data into an entry mask. So you have more time for the important things in life.
  • Secure 
    An e-bill is as secure as your e-banking. The transmission is encrypted and the e-bill is not accessible to third parties. There is no automatic debiting of your account. You decide whether and when the bill is paid, i.e. you always have full control. If required, you can save or print your invoice.

How to use the e-bill

  • You need Internet access and a Yellow Account or a bank account
  • Register for e-billing with Postfinance or your bank.
  • Activate the function for e-bills

Pay your premiums conveniently and comfortably by direct debit (LSV) if you are a bank customer, or Debit Direct (DD) if you are a postal customer. This way, the correct amount is always debited from your account exactly on the due date. Here, an invoice is only sent once a year or when the policy changes.



Both procedures are not only super convenient and comfortable, but also absolutely risk-free. You have everything under control at all times, as every debit can be revoked in writing within 30 days. So LSV and DD only offer you advantages.


Benefit now

This is how quickly you can benefit from these advantages: Complete the debit authorisation for LSV or DD today if possible. Now send the LSV form to your bank or the DD form to KLuG. Shortly afterwards you will never have to think about your premium payments again.

Paying with eBill

Digital bill

Payment frequency

You decide how often you want to pay your premium. In addition to the monthly payment method, you can also pay your premium bill quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
If you pay semi-annually, we grant you a discount of 0.4%; if you pay annually, you receive a discount of 1.0%.

If you wish to change your payment frequency, we require written notification by post or email. We can make the adjustment on the next possible date. For example, you can change to a quarterly payment on 01 January, 01 April, 01 July or 01 October. You can change to a half-yearly payment on 01 January or 01 July. Details can be found in the following table.

The invoice will be sent one month in advance. Please note that retroactive changes are not possible.


Premium monthJanFebMarAprMayJunJul AugSepOctNovDez
monthlyxxxxxx x x x x x x
bimonthlyx   x   x   x   x   x 
quarterly x    x    x    x  
half-yearlyx       x     
yearly x