Health insurance card

In case of emergency often each minute counts. The sooner the responsible ones like doctors, hospitals o pharmacies have important medical information at hand, the more efficiently can they provide optimal treatment. What many do not know: such data can be electronically and safely stored on the health insurance card. And so, you can always have it with you in case of emergency.

There can be various data stored, such as information on illnesses, health consequences of an accident, transplant particulars, as well as on allergies, reactions, medication, vaccinations, blood group, and transfusions. It is also possible to store important contact data. This in turn, when emergency occurs, enables rapid information from people close to you or from the insured person’s family doctors or specialists. On the insured person‘s request a reference in relation to existing advanced health care directive or medical dossier can be stored. It is important to know that the information on medical history or performance and on treatments will not be stored on the card.

It is only you, who determines which data should be additionally stored, or who may read or process those. The access is enabled only to the authorised medical care providers. These persons use their individual electronic care provider’s attestation (eLENA) together with the security certificate. In order to describe the card the care provider needs an individual access card additionally to the health insurance card. Only with both of those cards is it possible to store or read the data. In this way, the information saved on the card is manifold protected. Important information: The health insurance has no access to these data at all.