Supplementary insurance


COMPLETA supplementary insurance combines the advantages of TOP and SANA. However, many of the benefits – e.g. for glasses and contact lenses, medical aids or prevention measures – are even more generous. In addition, COMPLETA covers the costs of treatment received abroad or provided by doctors not under contract, i.e. those whose services are not paid for by basic insurance.

90%, up to CHF 1'500.– per year in accordance with the list of aids and materials.

Glasses and contact lenses
90%, up to CHF 300.– per year.

90%, up to CHF 750.– per year.

Health promotion
Up to 75%, CHF 200.– per area, up to CHF 500.– per year for recognised courses.

Special forms of treatment
In accordance with the list of special forms of treatment. 75%, up to CHF 4'500.– per year.

Correction of teeth misalignment
75%, up to CHF 10'000.– per year, up to the age of 20.

Accident exclusion
10% of premium reduction