Supplementary insurance


Close major gaps in your basic insurance cover: complementary medicine, gym memberships, spectacle lenses, contact lenses, treatments abroad and much more.
Now even more services with COMPLETA EXTRA.

90%, up to CHF 1'500.– per year in accordance with the list of aids and materials.

Glasses and contact lenses
90%, up to CHF 300.– per year.

90%, up to CHF 750.– per year.

Health promotion
Up to 75%, CHF 200.– per area, up to CHF 500.– per year for recognised courses.

Special forms of treatment
In accordance with the list of special forms of treatment. 75%, up to CHF 4'500.– per year.

Correction of teeth misalignment
75%, up to CHF 10'000.– per year, up to the age of 20.

Accident exclusion
10% of premium reduction


Now even more services with COMPLETA EXTRA.