Supplementary insurance


The HOSPITAL FLEX supplementary hospital insurance plan grants you full flexibility in the choice of ward for an attractive premium. You decide on a case-by-case basis whether you would like to be treated on a general, semi-private or private ward. Both the benefits offered and your deductible vary according to the choices you make.

General ward: No excess
Semi-private ward: 35% excess, up to CHF 3'000.– per year
Private ward: 50% excess, up to CHF 9'000.– per year

General ward: No excess 
Semi-private ward: 20% excess, up to CHF 2'000.– per year
Private ward: 35 % excess, up to CHF 4'000.– per year

Choice of a hospital
Free choice of a hospital throughout Switzerland.

Choice of a doctor
Free choice of a doctor is insured in accordance with the chosen hospital ward: shared room, double room or single room.

Room comfort level
Insured in accordance with chosen hospital ward.

In-patient treatment abroad
HOSPITAL FLEX 1: up to CHF 500.– per day
HOSPITAL FLEX 2: up to CHF 1'000.– per day

Rooming - in
Contribution to costs for an accompanying person in the hospital.
HOSPITAL FLEX 1: up to CHF 50.– per day
HOSPITAL FLEX 2: up to CHF 100.– per day

Lump sum birth allowance 
If birth takes place in the hospital or birthing clinic:
HOSPITAL FLEX 1: CHF 500.– per birth
HOSPITAL FLEX 2: CHF 1'000.– per birth

Qualifying period
For maternity benefits there is a qualifying period of 365 days from the date the insurance application has been signed. During this period maternity-related in-patient hospital stays are covered only on the general ward in the canton of residence. Once the qualifying period has expired, a coverage according to the selected variant also for maternity-related reasons is applicable.

The following can be optionally included in the insurance:

Domestic help:
HOSPITAL additional module: 30 days, up to CHF 50.– per day

Spa and convalescence treatments:
HOSPITAL additional module: 21 days, up to CHF 100.– per day