Supplementary insurance


With VIVANTE long-term care insurance, you will remain financially independent even after a serious accident or illness. It gives you a daily allowance of an amount of your own choice for as long as you require care. You can use this money to pay for household help or child care, to cover uncovered costs in a care home or to compensate for a loss of salary – either your own or your partner's if they are caring for you.

Money for your day-by-day care at home or in the Hospital
VIVANTE covers insured persons against the financial consequences of a need for a long-term care due to illness or accident in accordance with the selected insurance variant.

Interchangeably selectable sums to insure, 6 versions depending on the need
freely available, no evidence require
dassets and inheritance are better protected from high nursing care costs
the earlier the insurance is arranged, the lower the lifetime premium

Recommended for
Young people and people doing sports, because they are at a higher risk of accident 
Older people, because illness often lead to enormous care costs

Benefits in Detail

Perfect for everyoneIn case you require nursing care, a gap in your insurance coverage can have expensive consequences. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed, a student or a homemaker, VIVANTE is the ideal solution for everyone.
Ideal also for young peopleVIVANTE enables also younger people to be more independent (taking part in public life, continuing with your studies, employment etc.). Reintegration is noticeably promoted.
Financial independenceAfter an accident or an illness of serious consequences you can count on daily allowance payments for support. Thereby, you continue to be financially independent.
Free choice of nursing careYou decide which type of care you use your VIVANTE daily allowance for: at home in your familiar environment, looked after by your family; or in a hospital or as an out-patient looked after by professionals.
Asset protectionA stay in a home also costs a lot of money. Through financial contribution by VIVANTE your assets are better protected when you stay in a nursing home.
The earlier, the betterAn advanced finalisation of VIVANTE coverage is an attractive option thanks to favourable premiums. Your premium’s entry level  will never increase over the entire insurance duration.

There are many variants of VIVANTE. Whichever you choose depends on your personal situation.

The variants of VIVANTE

VariantsInsured daily allowance amount
variant 40
CHF 40.– if you need to be looked after 100%
variant 60
CHF 60.– if you need to be looked after 100%
variant 80
CHF 80.– if you need to be looked after 100%
variant 100
CHF 100.– if you need to be looked after 100%
variant 140
CHF 140.– if you need to be looked after 100%
variant 180
CHF 180.– if you need to be looked after 100%

The extent to which you are in need of care will be determined by an independent expert by means of a standardised index. There are four levels thereof: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
This insurance product cannot be offered online. To request your personal insurance offer, please contact us.