Old age

Retirement and old age

Together with the retirement a new stage of life begins. Finally, there is more time to pursue your hobbies or to meet up with friends. And yet, with the retirement the topic of age and health comes to the fore more than ever.

Even before retirement various points are to be clarified. For instance, when should you register at AHV (Old age and Survivors' Insurance) to have your occupational pension (2. column) paid out in the form of a singular lump-sum payment? The Swiss authorities provide you with plenty of information on the retirement.

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The cantons grant people on a low income a reduced premium payment in accordance with individual needs. This support is usually not provided automatically and is handled differently depending on canton. It’s worth your while to ask your municipal authorities or the responsible compensation office whether you are eligible. Exercise this right!

Check your retirement cover. Have you ever thought that once you have retired you are no longer insured against accidents at your employer? The casualty coverage will be included in the mandatory healthcare insurance.

Need for care

Essentially, nobody ever wants to think about the disturbing topic of need for care. And yet, only a few people manage entirely without being helped until the very end of their lives. Switzerland offers a very good and efficient care system.

A long-term care will be refunded from the insurance contributions, public purse and the insured‘s own contributions to costs as long as their financial condition allows the person in need for care to pay them.

Should the conditions be fulfilled, then the helplessness allowance or additional benefits can be requested from AHV. 

Thinking in advance about a long-term care insurance is worth it.
With long-term care insurances CURA and VIVANTE KLuG offers you two insurance solutions.


Within the basic insurance (BASIS) KLuG contributes to certain medically prescribed care services, including the clarification which care the insured person is in need of, general care, help by personal hygiene, treatment of wounds, etc. KLV

Attention: The basic insurance does not cover any costs for services such as household help, assistance or home meal Services.

Long-term care insurances CURA and VIVANTE participate in cost sharing for household help.

KLuG grants contributions for different aids, for instance, for walkers or hospital beds, within the basic- and relevant supplementary insurances. Please contact your client advisor for more information.

In case of a need for care, with VIVANTE you are offered life-long services with selectable and freely accessible daily allowance from the first day on. As a result, thanks to financial contributions your assets will be protected in a better way. Care by a relative or by a nursing professional? At home or at a nursing home care? You decide which kind of care VIVANTE pays the contributions for.