Payment options

Make life easier for yourself by using electronic payment options.

Do you too get annoyed about all the paper in your letter box and all the payment transactions you have to deal with via on-line banking? With e-bills you simply avoid the problem and help save administrative costs at the same time. If you register to receive e-bills you will get your bills electronically in the future and make paper bills a thing of the past.


  • Easy
    Paying an e-bill is as easy as a mouse click. Once you have logged in to your online banking account you can see your new e-bills straight away. You take a look at the bill, check it and pay it with a single mouse click.
  • Convenient
    An e-bill is more convenient than a paper bill. You don’t have to go to the letter box, there are no payment slips to fill in, you don’t miss your payment dates. You simply pay your bills at any time of the day using a computer with internet access. You don’t need to enter any payment data. All this gives you time for the important things in life.
  • Secure
    An e-bill is as secure as your on-line banking. The bills are transmitted encrypted and are not accessible to third parties. Your account is not automatically debited. You decide whether and when you want to pay the bill, i.e. you are always fully in control. If you wish, you can save or print out your bill.

This is how the e-bill works

  • You need access to the internet and a Yellow Accounts or a bank account
  • Register for e-billing with Postfinance or your bank
  • Activate the e-bill function

Pay your premiums easily and conveniently by direct debit (called LSV, if you’re a bank customer and DD if you’re a post office customer). This way the right amount will be debited from your account on the day it is due. You will receive a bill only once a year or if your insurance policy changes.


Both procedures are extremely practical and convenient as well as absolutely risk-free. You have everything under control at all times and you can revoke each debit transaction within 30 days in writing. LSV and DD thus only have advantages.

Benefit now

You can benefit from these advantages very quickly: just fill in the LSV or DD debit authorisation today.
Send the LSV form to your bank or the DD form to KLuG and you will never have to think about your insurance payments again.


LSV form
DD form